36,000 references in the catalog, distribution of fine wines worldwide, over 15 years of experience, and an endless passion for that range of wines little known to the most, but that represent the hidden gems of the wine world: this is the reality of Grandi Bottiglie Wine Merchant.

We are merchants, merchants of wines, for over 15 years.

Grandi Bottiglie was founded in 2004 as a vertical company distributing rare and fine wines as well as a wide range of wines for wine shops that are not easy to find, i.e. wines not necessarily dedicated to connoisseurs and collectors but belonging to small niches of artisan producers from all over the world, in particular from Burgundy.

Through a physical sales point in Turin with an air-conditioned warehouse with controlled humidity for company storage and third parties, and an online e-commerce sector leader in Italy for the distribution of vintage and rare wines, we are now a reference point for niche wine, dedicated to a small target of discerning consumers and traders who want to offer their customers high quality wine.

The philosophy of the company is given by the absolute removal from the general wine market, avoiding the proposal of any type of wine easy to find in channels such as large-scale retail and traditional wine shops.

Given our passion for the terroirs of Burgundy and Bordeaux that we periodically visit to discover new wineries, we have a large line of wines for domaine and chateau, produced both by wineries famous for their production of high quality, and more artisan who deliberately maintain a certain anonymity in the media in order to preserve their uniqueness in the territory.

Our core-business is represented by the availability, often immediate, of a large number of fine and rare labels that, in case of lack of stock, are traced in a short time thanks to a dense network of collaborations firmly established over the years.


The company is composed of professionals specialized in buying and selling fine wines, daily invested on behalf of third parties in global markets or marketed to operators in the sector, in order to maximize the profit of our customers in accordance with the profit targets set with them and meet the demands of operators who want to have a wide choice of rare labels.

Considering the important flow of bottles that flows daily in the company, thanks to a refined research by our professionals, all over the world, soon we wanted the company's need to have dedicated storage space that would allow optimal conditions of maintenance.

Grandi Bottiglie has a large cellar with more than 36,000 perfectly preserved references at controlled temperature and humidity, guaranteeing our bottles and those of our customers optimal storage and aging conditions.

This commitment to conservation is also extended to the shipping phases: in order to maintain a correct temperature during the transport of the bottles by the couriers, each of our packaging is organized in such a way as to preserve an internal temperature adequate to the correct maintenance of the wines, effectively counteracting any permanence in the package until delivery.


For 15 years we have been dealing with the distribution of rare and fine wines for operators in the sectors, trying to guarantee them immediate availability of requests where possible and engaging in rapid research where the labels sought are difficult to find.

Up to now, all the requests received have been met within the timescale set by the requests of our customers.

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